FRANCIRIS® 2007-2009

International iris competition

May 16 ; 18 to 20 ; 22 to 23 ; 25 to 30 and
June 2nd to 6, 2007

FRANCIRIS® 2013 international iris competition rules
Entry Form; Label, Description of the iris.


FRANCIRIS® 2005, the first international tall bearded iris-competition held near Paris in France, has drawn to a close (Results).

Organised by the French Iris Society (SFIB) in close cooperation with and the technical support of TECOMAH, l'Ecole de l'Environnement et du Cadre de Vie, a school of the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

Visitors to FRANCIRIS® 2005 discovered a unique exhibition of the latest worldwide iris creations. 24 hybridizers from 7 different countries presented 121 varieties, all created less than 10 years before entering the competition.

The different juries, made up of international judges, the press, TECOMAH students, engineers from flowered towns and members of the public, awarded mainly American creations. The juries and visitors agreed that the location of the competition garden was indeed unique and applauded the admirable maintenance of the irises by TECOMAH students, tutored by their teachers.

Stimulated by the successful first trial of a tall bearded iris competition close to Paris, TECOMAH is offering us a new, larger competition garden maintained by their students.

We would be honoured to have you among our competitors for the next FRANCIRIS® competition planned in May 2007. Therefore we suggest you send us your intention note now with the number of varieties to the following address:

Chantal Sulmont :

The competition rules and regulations will be based on those of FRANCIRIS® 2005 except for a planting period of 2 years (instead of 3) and will be sent to you at the beginning of July.

Irises shown in the 2005 competition will be planted in a permanent show garden close to the competition garden.

The park where your "treasures" will be hosted is a real green lung not far from Paris close to the prestigious "Palace of the Roi Soleil and his Grandes Eaux" in Versailles.

Why not offer a unique coloured and scented show-case to the visitors by including your creations into the next contest FRANCIRIS® 2007?

Your irises will be pampered by TECOMAH students the same way as those for the 2005 event.

Everybody can be lucky just participate. Please send your letter of intention.

The final reglementations will be joined to the inscription forms.

Do not forget your web-less friends !

Best wishes

Chantal, FRANCIRIS® 2007 convention assistant

Société Française des Iris et plantes Bulbeuses (S.F.I.B.)
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