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Note de Tomas Tamberg sur ces hybrides d'altissima :
"we have concentrated on tetraploid varieties from the very beginning. We have also converted some diploid seedlings and cultivars to the tetraploid level. Among them was a hybrid from the cross Hemerocallis altissima x CARTWHEELS which, as a tetraploid, added the genes of the 180 cm tall species to the tetraploid gene pool. In addition to this contribution to tall and well branched daylilies we also try to develop modern, large flowered varieties which, under our climatic conditions, open their flowers and express their colours properly (Berlin has the same latitude as Saskatoon in Canada). This objective is increasingly important, since many of the new American dayliliy varieties are selected in the tropical parts of the U.S and in Germany often do not even approximately show the beauty of their catalogue pictures. "
La recherche d'amélioration aux conditions climatiques est intéressante. En plus recherche de hauteur et ramifications des hampes .
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Tomas Tamberg est bien connu pour ses travaux sur les hybrides interspecifiques d'iris mais il s'est aussi intéressé aux hémérocalles .
Grace au traitement à la colchicine de graines , il a pu rendre tetraploïdes des altissima et travaillé à l'amélioration du type .
Ses hémérocalles ne sont pas en ventes , dommage .....

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